Frosted Valentine Sugar Cookies using Wilton Sugar Sheets

Frosted Valentine Sugar Cookies using Wilton Sugar Sheets

Today I made some frosted sugar cookies using Sugar Sheets from Wilton. These are perfect for a quick and easy way to make Valentine’s day treats. As with all of my recipes the cookies, frosting and Sugar Sheets are egg-free. (This is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing this product because I liked it and thought you would too.)

I found the Wilton Sugar Sheets at Target in the area of the store where they have Valentine’s candy and food items. They look like this…

The ingredients label is shown below.

I made a batch of Sugar Cookies using this Egg-free Sugar Cookie recipe. The icing is my Favorite Buttercream Icing made in a medium to thin consistency to make frosting the cookies easy. I kept the icing white, but you could add food coloring to the recipe if you would like to have colored icing.

To decorate all you need to do is spread the frosting on the cookie and then peel off one of the heart sugar sheets and place on the iced cookie, shiny side down. Easy peasy!

This is so easy and makes a great project for kids. We made 12 cookies using the sugar sheets and they tasted so good!

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