Egg-free Food Find: Girl Scout Cookies

Egg-free Food Find: Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again in our area for all the local Girl Scouts to sell cookies. What I want to share with you is that (at least in my area) ALL of the varieties they are selling currently do not contain eggs! They also have a gluten-free cookie (Toffeetastic) and a vegan cookie (Thin Mints). When my daughter started selling Girl Scout cookies we were so excited to find this out and I thought you would be too. I am not trying to sell any cookies to you here. If you are interested in purchasing Girl Scout Cookies you should contact your local troop and support them.

Here are a few photos of the ingredient labels off of our order form. (Note that these ingredient label photos are for the 2018 sale and I am in the Chicago area.)










One more thing to note, the Girl Scouts use two different bakeries that get sent to different areas in the country. Therefore, before ordering, you should ask to see the order form with the ingredient labels and check the packages when you receive them to make sure nothing has changed.

If you need to find a local troop selling cookies here is a link to that information on the Girl Scout website.

*Disclosure: I am not being compensated to share this information. I am sharing this with others for informational purposes only. 


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