10 Things to buy on Amazon if your Child has a Food Allergy

10 Things to buy on Amazon if your Child has a Food Allergy

When my son was first diagnosed with food allergies there were very few resources or products available to make our lives a little easier and safer. But wow have things changed! There is so much more awareness of food allergies, and lots of helpful products on the market. So today I am providing a list of 10 things to buy on Amazon if your child has a food allergy. These are all available on Amazon and I feel are very helpful in keeping your child a little safer and to make your life easier.

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Alert Allergy Awareness Bracelets like these are great for alerting others to your child’s allergy. These come in all of the top 8 allergens.

Allergy friendly cookbooks like this one, Bakin’ Without Eggs, is an essential for the egg allergy kitchen. It is full of fantastic recipes for egg-free baked goods. You can find many allergy cookbooks for all different dietary needs out there.

Hand wipes are another essential to have on hand for cleaning your child or wiping up a table or grocery cart. These individually packaged wipes are perfect for lunch boxes too!

In addition to the hand wipes one of these shopping cart/high chair covers is another great thing to have for the food allergic child.

Cupcake holders are wonderful for packing your own egg-free cupcake or another allergy-friendly dessert to take to birthday celebrations.


Labels like these are fantastic to have to put on your child’s sippy cup, bottle, lunch containers and more. They make it easy to identify which is your child’s cup at playdates or for caregivers to keep track of items.



A personalized lunchbox is great to have too!

These travel placemats are great to take to restaurants and road trips for an added layer of protection from possible food allergens on public tables.


For those moments when people try to give your child candy, like on trips to the bank or the grocery store, it is helpful to have a safe backup treat on hand to trade out for your child.

When your child starts packing a lunch for school it is helpful to have a good thermos to pack foods that you want to be kept warm. I have used a thermos like this one for years to send soup, stew, chicken nuggets, and other warm foods when we need to change up lunch a little bit.

What items do you use as an allergy parent to keep your child safe and make your life a little easier?

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